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Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 6)

Jessica Kam (Producer “The Piano in a Factory”)

How did you feel joining the Tokyo International Film Festival?

"I'm very honored to have my film being picked at the film festival. We felt very good here, your staff has treated us very well. Some of my crew came to Tokyo for a first time and they felt like they were treated like kings. Your hospitality team treated us very well with lots of hospitality. We had a great time and of course we are very happy to be able to get an award, the Best Actor's Award and we also hope to get a distribution rights here in Japan. So that more people can see the film and enjoy it."

How did it feel to walk on the Green Carpet?

"Of course it is an honor and it's exciting and it's different because it is green. I purposely picked the red dress. I never pick a red dress for red carpet. But I picked a red dress for Green Carpet so it stands out. It's a lot of fun. We had a great time."
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Producer:Choi Gwang-suk, Director:Zhang Meng, Wang Qian-yuan(Actor), Producer:Jessica Kam

How did you feel about the TIFF'S Q&A session?

"Q&A session of the screenings are excellent Because it gets an instant response from the audience. We spent months making this film, sitting in the studios and editing. We don't see people. We don't show the film to the people. This film is an Asian Premiere and it's the first time the Asian audience has a chance to see the film. We are excited and nervous. We don't know whether people would laugh or whether people would cry or how they would actually feel about it. Because we are so numb about it already. So it's great to have a direct interaction with them after the movie. They tell us how they feel. They tell us what they like. And that's very important, I think and I really like it!"

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The Piano in a Factory

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