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Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 2)

Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 2)

Shawn Ku (Director/Script “Beautiful Boy”)

“The festival was great! I enjoyed a lot. And I’m so happy to be here, with my first feature film. Because my flight got cancelled and I was late to come here, you know. Even this trouble, people here were so nice to me. Yeah, it was fantastic. Also Q&A session (opportunities to directly communicate with audience) was a good. Good experience too, to hear the direct voice of audience.”

Also Shawn Ku mentioned about carrying this experiences at the TIFF to the future filmmaking; “Oh, I don’t know about next yet, but of course yes. And if I can, I would like to come back to TIFF.”

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Press Conference
Interview with Shawn Ku

Beautiful Boy
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