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10/31 (Sun) Press Conference of the Award Winners

10/31 (Sun) Press Conference of the Award Winners

As we already announced, Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix goes to Intimate Grammar directed by Nir Bergman. Sarah's Key directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner received double Awards; Award for Best Director and Audience Award, and POST CARD directed by Kaneto Shindo is awarded for Special Jury Prize!

Apart from above, here are some comment from other Award Winners at the Press Conference.

■Competition Section Award for Best Actor: Wang Qian-yuan (The Piano in a Factory)

Wang Qian-yuan: This is my first time to be in a film festival, the first time to be on a stage like this, and the first time to receive an award. It is truly a very special moment. I have been an actor for 10 years and this is a big encouragement. I immediately called 3 people to share this joy. First I called my wife who is here with my son and mother in law. My child wanted to know how good the prize was so I told him that it was the best one! I also called my sister in Japan and my parents in China. My parents are also actors. My father is in this film as well. He could not get the best actor award, but I was able to inherit what he has established as a career. I'd like to share this award with him.

©2010 TIFF

■Competition Section Award for Best Artistic Contribution: Buddha Mountain

Li Yu (director): This is my first to participate in this film festival. On the day of the screening I said I wanted the Asian audience to understand and enjoy my film and so I am so happy to receive this award. Fan Bingbing is in Korea filming at the moment but I e-mailed her telling her that she won the Best Actress Award. I am sure she will be very excited and I am very happy for her, too.

Fang Li (producer): This is my first time in Tokyo. Before the Closing Ceremony, Li Yu and I were talking about how we shouldn't keep our hopes up too high, that if we win, we're lucky. So maybe this is our beginners' luck. Our Director of Photography was very surprised when our movie title was called. I sincerely hope this movie will be screened in Japan as well.

©2010 TIFF

■Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award: Passerby #3

Shin Su-won (director): This is a low budget movie and will only be screened in small theaters in Korea. I'm happy that it was screened at such a big theater like Roppongi Hills. This film will be screened from November 18th in Korea. I was worried whether I would be able to shoot my next film, but this award is like an encouragement to continue making films. The Korean film industry was very active until a few years ago but overall, investors are decreasing. That's why for small budget movies like mine, which is a genre-vague film, they're becoming more difficult to make.

©2010 TIFF

■Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award Special Mention: The Tiger Factory

Edmund Yeo (producer): I'm based in Tokyo at the moment. I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Malaysia and Japan. Just two weeks ago, the short film spin off of The Tiger Factory called Inhalation won an award at the Pusan International Film Festival. I wanted to explain about Mei in The Tiger Factory so I decided to direct the short film. The director of The Tiger Factory, Woo Ming Jin, was the producer. I have been trying to write a feature film for the past months and hope to finish it in the next year or two!

©2010 TIFF

■Japanese Eyes Best Picture Award: hospitalité

Koji Fukada (director): Thank you for the opportunity to screen this film at this festival. This film was shot in Sumida Ward, downtown Tokyo. The local people were extremely helpful. The story is not based on my personal experience. I thought it would be interesting to make a movie about strangers being invited to stay at one's home. This movie was inspired by a Marx Brothers' movie idea, A Night of the Opera.

©2010 TIFF

■TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix: Waterlife

Kevin McMahon (director): I'd like to express my gratitude towards the judges that selected my film. This movie is about the lakes in Canada/North America. 20% of the earth's fresh water is from these lakes. I am grateful that this movie came half a world around and that it also resonates in the hearts of the Japanese people. You have to take a film with a grain of salt, that is, it's hard to judge a film. But the environment has all sorts of difficult and complicated issues and I am glad that I was able to express a part of them through my film.

©2010 TIFF

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