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Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 3)

Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 3)

Sinisa Dragin (Director/Producer/Editor “If the Seed Doesn't Die”)

“It is my first time to visit Tokyo and I spent time to look around Tokyo. Then I haven’t seen any other films in the festival. So I don’t know how the other films are. But I can say that the festival was very well organized. Definitely! Regarding to the films I don’t know. I only know mine. I have no idea about a level of other films but I suppose they’re good because the films took some prizes and must be something above us. However (because we could come here) the festival itself was like our prize.”

Also Sinisa Dragin mentioned about Q&A which allows him to communicate with audiences directly as well as the TIFF’s Green Carpet.
“To receive a good answer, people must throw a right question. There were a few nice questions which allowed us to explain the way I made the film, my intentions, and troubles during the shooting. (Green Carpet and the theme of Ecology is) a very good idea. Myself, I am an ecologist. I agree with all things TIFF does regarding to the green and nature. I found it is very close to my soul.”

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If the Seed Doesn't Die

Relaying comments:
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