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Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 4)

Relaying comments: Reflections on 23rd TIFF (Part 4)

Matteo Botrugno, Daniele Coluccini (Director/Screenplay “And Peace on Earth”)

Matteo Botrugno (Botrugno): Real Japanese organization! In Italy, things do not work like that. You can’t find such organization in Italy. You can watch a good movies and the festival is OK, but not as organized as Japanese one. It’s a right way to organize a festival especially such a big one.

Daniele Coluccini (Coluccini): We think Tokyo International Film Festival is incredible for us. We’ve been to Venice Film Festival but here is very different and everything is bigger and organized.

Botrugno: Walking on the Green Carpet was great, very much fun.

Coluccini: I like the way the festival treat the ecology because no one does it.

Botrugno: It’s not about the festival, about environment. And environment is around the festival. For this reason, there are a lot of respects for the environment so not only words but also I think substantial.

Coluccini: We have shot a short film, a very stupid short film for private. It’s impossible to find it and the title is secret. We shot with a Japanese friend of us who is an Opera singer. In one of a scene in the film, she talks on a telephone, and says something like ‘Moshi Moshi, Genki? (Hello, how are you?)’ and ‘Shinjirarenai! (Unbelievable!)’ That’s how we learn a few Japanese words.

Botrugno: For me and for us, It’s shinnjirarenai (unbelievable) to be here. Arigato gozaimasu! (Thank you!) It’s our last night unfortunately.

Coluccini: We would like to stay here forever.

Botrugno&Coluccini: But we’ll come back soon!

©2010 TIFF
Matteo Botrugno (Director)

©2010 TIFF
Daniele Coluccini (Director)

©2010 TIFF
Daniele Coluccini (Director)、Maurizio Tesei(Actor)、Matteo Botrugno (Director)、Simone Isola (Producer)

Interview with Matteo Botrugno (Director) & Daniele Coluccini (Director)

And Peace on Earth

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