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TOKYO is the very place for unveiling TRON: LEGACY

TOKYO is the very place for unveiling TRON: LEGACY

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Special Screenings provides you with attractive lineups of much talked about films prior to the theatrical release.  

The special footage of TRON: LEGACY (24min.) which is still in middle of the production using the most advanced 3D Screen Technology, will be released ahead of the world, titled asTRON: LEGACY 3D Special Presentation.

With in the visual footage which was screened during the stage greeting of the Producer Sean Bailey; Sam, the leading character of the film, enters into the digital world called "Grid" following the contact from his father, Flynn, who had disappeared. The footage presents Sam engaging in the deadly mortal survival in the 24min. digest. The footage ends just when Sam reunites with his father and the film is about to unfold. New dimension film with stereognostic sense and speed depicting death game of throwing discs at each other and engagement of running battle using the light circle were shown to the audiences who crowded into the theatre and excited them enthusiastically.

Following the screening, the leading cast, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde joined Bailey and the Q&A session by the three members were held and the questions were made directly from audiences to the guests of TRON: LEGACY 3D Special Presentation as the scene commonly seen in TIFF.

Ms. Olivia Wilde
©2010 TIFF

Ms. Olivia spoke her thoughts, "I was very surprised like everybody else in the audience that watched the completed footage for the first time." Olivia plays Quorra the girl warrior and to the question, "Was the role preparation difficult?" she answered "I imaged Jeanne d'Arc who had both characteristics of innocent girl and the warrior. It was a role worth acting. The film depicts neo-futuristic and cool perspective of the world, and we think that Tokyo is a very place for unveiling TRON: LEGACY 3D Special Presentation.

When Garrett who plays the role of Sam was asked with the question, "Was the physical exercise to remodel your body for the fierce action scene in the film difficult?" Garrett answered, "I had plenty of training at the facility where trainers were all like ninja and I trained body flexibilities and did exercises to gain stamina." He also gave his impression on Japan as, "We just arrived last night but I thought Tokyo is a beautiful city and walking on the Green Carpet is a valuable experience."

Garrett Hedlund
©2010 TIFF

Following their appearance, Yu Yamada (actress), the advertising supporter of this film, made her appearance on the stage. "The advanced 3D Visuals as well as the music by Daft Punk was really cool," she expressed her feelings passionately! "Bailey gave us the inside story about the selection saying Daft Punk received the strong influences from TRON (1982) and made the approach to work on the music when they heard of this production."

TRON: LEGACY 3D Special Presentation
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