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The 23rd TIFF, Press Conference Report
A press conference to announce the 23rd edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) was held today, on September 30th (Thursday) at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

From left: Hideyuki Takai (President, UNIJAPAN), Pistol Takehara, Kaho Minami, Mitsuki Tanimura, Kazuyoshi Kumakiri and Tom Yoda (Chairman, TIFF)
©2010 TIFF

Two films for the Competition Section were announced today, to add to those previously announced: the world premiere of POST CARD, directed by the master filmmaker Kaneto Shindo, and Never Let Me Go, a film by Mark Romanek that visualizes the world depicted in the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, the Japanese-born British author.

Notes and Quotes from the Press Conference
Tom Yoda, Chairman, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM)
“This will be my third year as chairman of the TIFF. To mark this as a year of progress, we focused on the selection of films more than ever. A total of 832 films were entered to the Competition section, from which we selected 15 films to be screened. In the Winds of Asia-Middle East section, we are featuring Bruce Lee and Akira Kurosawa, celebrating the 70th and 100th anniversaries of their birth respectively. To mention just two of the many other attractive features of this year’s festival, we are highlighting films by the rising new generation of Taiwanese directors, and introducing films by the worldly acclaimed Turkish film director Reha Erdem. We also plan to screen footage of TRON: Legacy 3D Special Presentation. The film selected for the Opening is The Social Network, and for the Closing, The Town. Opening and Closing films have always achieved excellent performances at the box-office, so please come and see them.”

Guest Speakers from the film The Sketches of Kaitan City (Competition Section)
Representing all the films in the Competition Section, Director Kazuyoshi Kumakiri and Mitsuki Tanimura, Kaho Minami, and Pistol Takehara, who played leading roles in The Sketches of Kaitan City, came up on stage.

From left: Pistol Takehara, Kaho Minami, Mitsuki Tanimura, Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
©2010 TIFF

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Director
Q: We heard that local citizens in Hakodate City in Hokkaido worked hard to help you create this film. What aspects did you focus on most in the process of directing this film?
A: It all started from meeting people at a film festival held in Hakodate 2 years ago. Yes, we received great support from the local people to complete the film. In the past, my films have evolved around one or two people, but this film is about the lives of a whole group of people, so we spent more time on it than we normally do. We wanted to depict the story so as to make each character’s life look real and to present their past as well.
Mitsuki Tanimura, Actress
Q: How was it working with the director? Which scene is the most impressive to you?
A: We only needed to be a part of the mystic atmosphere he created, and we were free to express ourselves as we liked. The shoot proceeded in that kind of comfortable environment. To me, one of the most impressive scenes is where I watch the sunrise with my elder brother. We spent two days to film that beautiful sunrise, without any use of computer graphics. I hope you will enjoy watching all the wonderful scenes that were created by realistic cinematography.
Kaho Minami, Actress
Q: How was the shoot in Hakodate?
A: I feel that there is a great depth in this film, stimulated by the great blending of the many people involved. The professional actors and amateurs blended so well. Every scene was shot in Hakodate as if to brand the air of the city on the film. I was very happy to be part of such an atmosphere. By developing great relationships with the local citizens, the film was created in a kind of harmonious environment. I’m excited that this film is being presented at the Tokyo International Film Festival and will be enjoyed by the people through out the world.
Pistol Takehara, Actor
Q: You appear in many of Director Kumakiri’s films. How did this film differ from the others?
A: Yes, I have worked with director Kumakiri for many times. I would say, perhaps because the shoot was in his hometown, I found him smiling more than usual! He really seemed to be having fun, and that was something I remember well. And in this film I was able to act the way I truly felt.

The 23rd TIFF will be held from October 23-31, 2010 at Roppongi Hills and other venues in Tokyo.

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