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TOHOシネマズ 六本木ヒルズ


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Section Colors

CompetitionSpecial ScreeningsWinds of Asia-Middle East(Film Panorama of Asia-Middle East/Taiwanese Cinema Renaissance:
New Breeze of the Rising Generation/Reha ERDEM: A New Master of the Turkish Cinema /
The 70th Anniversary: Bruce LEE to the Future/Discovering Asian Cinema The 100th Anniversary: KUROSAWA Spirits in Asia-Middle East

Japanese EyesWORLD CINEMANatural TIFF supported by TOYOTASpecial Screening

Filmmaker's AngleMinato Screening

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Scheduled for approx. 15min before the showScheduled for approx. 30min after the showDiffer from each session
* Please note that the scheduled events and time are subject to change.

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Advance Tickets are available at Ticket PIA.Advance Tickets are available at Lawson Ticket.
Advance Tickets are sold out. A few Walk-up Tickets will be sold at the theatre box office on the day of screening.


* *Advance Tickets are available at Ticket PIA and Lawson Ticket.

Ticket PIA: PIA Station, PIA Spot, Circle K Sunkus (Karuwaza Station), Telephone 0570-02-9999, Internet

Lawson Ticket: Lawson Loppi, Telephone 0570-000-407, Internet (l-tike.com)

* It is easier to purchase a ticket online by clicking the icon on schedule/each film page.

* In order to proceed a smooth reservation, please have P Code (Ticket PIA) or L Code (Lawson Ticket) with you at the time of purchase by telephone/at a counter.

For the detail of the screening / event below, please find the URL.
KEIRIN.JPThe 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
22nd Tokyo International Film Festival(2009)