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The Tiger Factory + Inhalation

[ 虎廠 + Dou shi zheng chang de ]

Director:Woo Ming Jin"The Tiger Factory" Edmund Yeo"Inhalation"

10/26 21:25- 10/28 20:15-

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Ping who hopes to work in Japan one day, decides to pair with migrant worker to sell their baby. The Tiger Factory and Inhalation depicts life and hardship of young Malaysian girls who hope for gaining better life.
"The Tiger Factory"
84min Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia Color HDCAM | 2010 | Malaysia=Japan
17min Chinese Color HDCAM | 2010 | Malaysia=Japan


The Tiger Factory : Nineteen-year-old Ping works at a pig farm and washes dishes in restaurant for her wish to work in a car parts company in Japan. Her aunt, Tien, is involved in a secret "baby factory" scheme, pairing young women with illegal migrant workers and then selling the babies for money. In need of funds to fulfill her dream, Ping decides to go through with her aunt's scheme. Inhalation, a short spin-off of The Tiger Factory, is about Ping's friend Mei, who gets deported from Japan and spends a night quarreling with her boyfriend who comes to pick her up at the harbor.

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10/26 21:25 - 23:06 (0min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1500(Tax included)


Cinemart Roppongi SCREEN1

10/28 20:15 - 21:56 (0min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1500(Tax included)


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Woo Ming Jin"The Tiger Factory" Edmund Yeo"Inhalation"

Woo Ming Jin was born in 1976 in Ipoh, Malaysia. He received a scholarship at San Diego State University, where he completed a Masters of Arts in Film and Television Production.

ライ・ホイムン パーリー・チュア スーザン・リー    
スーザン・リー アーネスト・チョン    :

"The Tiger Factory"
Lai Fooi Mun Pearlly Chua Susan Lee    
Susan Lee Ernest Chong    

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