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The Singing Hitman!


Director:Takashi Takahata

Comedy Action Music

World Premiere

10/29 11:10-

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82min Japanese Color DCP | 2010 Japan | Distributor in Japan : Distributor in Japan : CRUISE Co.,Ltd

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The hero who has a heart doomed to burst if he stops singing "pops." Singing and dancing pops up abruptly in the story and creates a surreal-funny atmosphere.


JK (Masao Kusakari) was trapped and forced to take a medicine. According to JK's buddy (B-saku Sato), the medicine will make JK's blood vessels to burst, and in order to suppress this effect, he needs to sing "pops". To get hold of the antidote, JK asks Tetsuo (Claude Maki), a stringer, and begins to search the one who trapped him. But Kyoko Honma (Yoka Wao) who was JK's apprentice comes in to block JK's attempt. The one who forced JK to take the medicine is in fact an undercover agent who is planning to take over the nation. JK is about to fight against this underground group to protect his country, and his own life!

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10/29 11:10 - 12:47 (82min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1800(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1800(Tax included)


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Takashi Takahata

Started his career in the film industry while at Asia University under Kazuyoshi Yoshikawa. Chosen as the regular director of the police series "Hagure Keiji Jyunjyoha", and has been active in the television drama. This is his first piece as a film director, and has been highly anticipated.

草刈正雄    和央ようか    真木蔵人    佐藤B作    あめくみちこ    麻尋えりか    平澤 智    Cinematographer:Shigeru Iwamatu    Music:Kiyoshi Yoshikawa    Theme Song:Zeebra    :

Masao Kusakari    Yoka Wao    Kurodo Maki    B-saku Satou    Michiko Ameku    Erika Mahiro    Satoshi Hirasawa    

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