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Director:Ivan Noel


World Premiere

10/24 21:00- 10/25 11:40-

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99min Spanish Color HDCAM-SR | 2010 Spain | 

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A newly appointed art teacher portrays the children as they open up to painting in this joyful film. A lively documentary-like depiction by realistic class room sessions and faculty meetings. The children's marvelous expressions top it all.


In this celebration of children's creativity, Primary! follows the lives of students and their teachers in a peculiar yet somewhat recognizable primary school. When Jose Maria―more apt to give a lecture on Fine Arts at university than a primary classroom―fills a post as art teacher, chaos seems to be on the verge of unleashing itself. However, the path that his infinitely imaginative little students take him through proves there is more than a little he can learn from them, and a new life to discover…

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10/24 21:00 - 22:39 (99min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1000(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1200(Tax included)



10/25 11:40 - 13:19 (99min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1000(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1200(Tax included)


* Please note that the screening schedule, Q&A and Greeting from the Stage are subject to change. The stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

* Advance Tickets can be purchased by telephone/internet and from convenience stores (CircleKSunkus, Lawson) and playguide on First-come basis.

* Please be forewarned that the number of Tickets at the Door is limited. Tickets at the Door can be only purchased two tickets per person. You are kindly requested not to form a queue before the theater in the late-evening.

Ivan Noel

Ivan Noel has proved to be both a very prolific talent, making three shorts and three features in the last four years, and a genuinely fascinating new voice in cinema in which children play main roles. With a characteristic blend of brute realism, surreal humor, and stunning visuals, he offers us a new deeply-emotional vision of childhood, devoid of sentimentality and adult moral filters, yet always full of poetry.

フランシスコ・アルフォンシン    ホセ・ホアキン・メナ=ベルナル・ルエダ    Assistant Director:Ricardo Barby    Line Producer:Rogelio Gordo Álvarez    Line Producer:Maria Angeles Camuñez    Assistent Director:Dan Uneken    Sound:Jose Luis Mármol    Screenplay:Francisco Alfonsín    :

Francisco Alfonsín    José Joaquín Mena-Bernal Rueda    

Francisco Alfonsín

Francisco Alfonsín hails from Jerez, south of Spain. He began his training as an actor in Cordoba, later accepting a post in Newcastle, UK, as a dancer of a Spanish dance and theatre company, Northern Stage Ensemble. Back to his roots in Jerez, he met Iván Noel, dedicating the next four years to play the lead role of his three features, and being his accomplice in the uphill struggle through the independent film jungle.

José Joaquín Mena-Bernal Rueda

Jose Joaquin hails from Seville south of Spain, where he successfully completed the kindergarten program, and is now studying all subjects in fourth grade. Primary! is first acting role, if we do not count the time he dressed up as a hen for a nativity play in 2008. He has one brother, a mummy, a daddy and the Playstation 2.

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