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Your Home


Director:Kohei Yamakawa


10/28 11:50-

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44min Japanese Color miniDV | 2009 Japan | Distributor in Japan : Pia Film Festival

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An old couple in a humble apartment need geriatric care. Kimiko, the wife, is exhausted with caring and poverty, but the mismatch of her Osaka-style gaudy clothes and lifestyle creates a curious charm and her determination shines in adversity.


Kimiko is busy caring for her husband who has recently being fitted with artificial anus. Their debts are increasing, but the disability makes him increasingly dependent on her. Despite occasional grumbles, Kimiko cheerfully and devotedly continues to care for him, until one night the strain, the debt and disapproval of other people get the better of her and she attempts to strangle him. Her husband, who cannot usually even walk without her help, manages to fight her off, and Kimiko dashes out of the house to contain her emotions. She meets a runaway girl in a park, and talks to her admonishingly as if to herself, as she identifies with the girl who has fled home just like her, but also with the mother of this head-strong girl.

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10/28 11:50 - 12:34 (44min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1500(Tax included)


* Please note that the screening schedule, Q&A and Greeting from the Stage are subject to change. The stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

* Advance Tickets can be purchased by telephone/internet and from convenience stores (CircleKSunkus, Lawson) and playguide on First-come basis.

* Please be forewarned that the number of Tickets at the Door is limited. Tickets at the Door can be only purchased two tickets per person. You are kindly requested not to form a queue before the theater in the late-evening.

Kohei Yamakawa

Born in Niigata prefecture. He spent four years at Japan Ground Self-Defense Force after high school. Currently at Osaka University of Arts studying films. He has made promotional and corporate videos as well as working part-time as camera and production assistant for TV adverts. This is his directorial debut.

伊藤壽子    親里嘉次    高田若葉    川村宏正    五十嵐玲子    Production Designer:Yuji Fukaya    Production Designer:Ayana Ishii    Costume:Kasumi Nagai    Manager:Tsukasa Osita    Music:Yoko Yamamoto    :

Hiroko Ito    Yoshitsugu Oyazato    Wakaba Takada    Kosyo Kawamura    Reiko Igarashi    

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