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How to enjoy the 23rd TIFF

From a newcomer to a film master  Every single film fan can enjoy the Tokyo International Film Festival!

Tokyo International Film Festival is the biggest film festival in Asia, where producers, buyers and journalists gather from all over the world. Anyone is welcome to join this film festa. It will be held for 9 days from October 23 to 31 this year, mainly at Roppongi Hills (Minato City). To enjoy this huge festival even more, let me introduce some tips.

01 Let's Get Close to Celebrities during the Green Carpet Event

On the Opening Day, beautifully dressed actors, actresses and directors will walk down from Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori to the Opening Ceremony venue.
They will walk on the Green Carpet that is made of recycled materials again this year and emphasize the festival theme of "Ecology." Please look forward to finding out who will appear at the Green Carpet which is the most gorgeous and fabulous ceremony in Japanese film industry.

Opening Event
Green Carpet
October 23 (Sat)
15:00- 16:30

Venue: Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori
* Free entry to the public viewing area
Which celebrities will be on the Green Carpet this year?

02 Let's Listen to Live Voice of Film Makers

During the Tokyo International Film Festival, films chosen from all over the world will be screened unsparingly from morning to late at night. A feature of screenings at TIFF is that actors/directors etc. will be appear on stage to interact with movie fans in many sessions. Especially at a Q&A, you will have an unforgettable experience by directly asking questions and telling comments of the film you have just seen. This is exclusively to TIFF events.

There is a chance to see celebrities even if you could not obtain a ticket that you wanted. You may see them at the outdoor events held in Roppongi Hills Arena or at a press conference in TIFF movie café. Experiences of being close to gorgeous guests would make you love movies even more.

03 Chance to Encounter Superb Films

People who choose films shown at film festivals are the professionals titled as Programming Director. Many considerations are made in terms of film selections that include degree of perfection, news hook, theme, production nation/region and more. These chosen films will bring you some new experiences. One of the features at the festival is an opportunity to watch some well-recognized films from other film festivals like Cannes or Venice before it is released to the public.

On the other hand, to watch a film from unfamiliar country/region opens door to a world full of diversity, beyond borders and history between countries. Also there are many movie sessions that give you cheaper price than usual ones. Let's be a part of this movie world.

The latest film by Francois Ozon, POTICHE will be on screening before it is released to public.

04 Enjoy the Time between Shows

Furthermore, there are a lot of fun Events which will take place during the festival, including "TIFF movie café" which gives the film fans a chance to interact with each other, as well as Arena and Green Carpet Area.

Join us to "TIFF night" held at TIFF movie café

05 Now, You are Ready to Go to the Film Festival

All the ticket has an assigned seat number in each session. By clicking a ticket button Ticket PIALawson Ticket in each film page, you can access to the ticketing information of the advance ticket and can purchase it online. For more information about tickets, please refer to "Ticketing" page on our website.

A key to a film selection is to follow your first impression of a film from its trailer. You should be able to meet unknown experiences.
I will see you later at the festival!

KEIRIN.JPThe 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
22nd Tokyo International Film Festival(2009)