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10/26 (Tue) Competition Section "Buddha Mountain" Press Conference: Notes & Quotes

10/26 (Tue) Competition Section "Buddha Mountain" Press Conference: Notes & Quotes

A press conference featuring Buddha Mountain from the Competition section was held as follows:

Date & Time: October 26th (Tuesday), from 16:45 @Movie Café
Appearance: Li Yu (director/scriptwriter), Fang Li (producer/scriptwriter), Sylvia Chang (actress), Chen Po Lin (actor)

Here are some notes and quotes:
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Director Li Yu (D): Have you seen the film already? I would be very happy if you liked it.
Ms. Sylvia Chang (SC): I play the role of Miss Chang, but many people see it as a role of an old woman.
Mr. Chen Po Lin (CPL): I'm grateful that so many people are here with us today. And I do not feel that Ms. Sylvia played an old woman's role. I was happy to able to work with the director and other members of the cast on this film.
Mr. Fang Li (FL): I was involved in this film in three different ways. Firstly, I am the producer. Secondly, I worked closely with Director Li to complete the script. And finally, I punched over and over again as the father of Ding Bo played by Chen Po Lin!

Q: Wasn't it hard to play the father while you were the producer? And Mr. Chen Po Lin, to act with your producer?
FL: It was not me but perhaps the director who felt more pressured—It must have been harder for him. After all, I am his producer! Well, I was Chen Po Lin's father in the film, so if Chen Po Lin did not do his part well, I was able to threaten him that there will be no dinner! So it must have been tough for him, too. I really had no problem at all!

©2010 TIFF

D: As a director, I try to provide an environment where actors could act, and I let them act freely. So it wasn't me who felt the pressure, but the actors.

©2010 TIFF

CPL: Yes, the pressure was pretty big! I had to punch someone, who was the producer a minute ago. It was not an easy position to be in. However, it was an exceptional experience and it was refreshing.

©2010 TIFF

Q: Ms. Sylvia Chang and Mr. Chen Po Lin, please comment on each other as film actors.
SC: Ever since he appeared in Blue Gate Crossing, I always thought that he was a wonderful actor. He is my favorite type of actor. And later, he played a guest starring role in twenty thirty forty, the film I directed. He appeared in two scenes. That was the last we worked together until this film. I felt that he really has grown as an actor. He has more style, and I see more sharpness in his acting. Well, Chen Po Lin, I hope you will return my great compliments!

©2010 TIFF

CPL: I first met Ms. Sylvia Chang 8-9 years ago. Ever since, she has gotten 8 years, 9 years, or 16 years younger! And more beautiful! When she gave me a role in twenty thirty forty, I was still a kid. But since then, I built on my experience in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and I hope she saw the difference and really meant what she said! I'm flattered. I've always played roles of shallow, flirtatious characters, but as Ding Bo is more suppressed, I had to play down, so it was very challenging. I'm really flattered to be told that I've grown up as an actor. It was fun working with her. She did not exactly instruct or teach me, but there was so much to learn through her acting.

Q: Mr. Chen Po Lin, you've been in Japan many times and you almost speak the language fluently. How about Ms. Sylvia Chang? Is this your first TIFF?
SC: No, as a matter of fact, I think I've participated 1-2 times before. Someone reminded me earlier that I came here with Rice Rhapsody (alternative title Hainan Chicken Rice). But this time, we are here with our film in the Competition Section which makes the occasion so special. Chen Po Lin and I am in the film as Taiwanese actors, for the film made by Director Li Yu and other cast and staff from mainland China, and it was such a fun experience. The beauty of the mind is the same wherever you go. Pure commitment in filmmaking has no borders. So I am more than pleased to have been a part of this film, and also to have participated in TIFF. Thank you.

Buddha Mountain
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