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Green Carpet Photo Gallery 1
TIFF marked it's opening again this year.
Gorgeous lineup of stars will gather for the Green Carpet which is one of our feature event.

Green Ambassador, Anne glamorously staged the opening of the film festival with the flamboyant orange dress. Film Festival Ambassador, Yoshino Kimura appeared in the chic black dress. Furthest to the left is Hideyuki Takai, President, UNIJAPAN and furthest to the right is Tom Yoda, the Chairman.

MC for Opening Ceremony are Jon Kabira and Junko Kubo.

Lively Children are the judges of the Kinder Film Festival!

Ayu Matsuura and Nozomi Ohashi appear together with Cheburashka and Jackie, the bear.

Maki Horikita (Actress), Eiichiro Funakoshi (Actor) and Kengo Kora (Actor) of the film, Into the White Night, joined us for the Green Carpet.

Tsurube Shofukutei and Mana Ashida who performed the voice over artist for Despicable Me and Chris Meledandri, Producer and the Minion!

"Anybody infected here?" THE CRAZIES, the Capture Squad is deployed to the Keyakizaka Dori.

Staff and the cast of hospitalité, the film that uses the old town as the shooting site.

Staff and cast of 442 – LIVE WITH HONOR, DIE WITH DIGNITY. Junichi Suzuki (Director) and his wife, Rumi Sasakibara made their appearance in despite of the traffic accident.

Staff and cast of A Liar and a Broken Girl, Aya Omasa (Actress), Natsuki Seta (Director) and Tsuyoshi Kobayashi (Producer).

Producer, Director and the member of the staff, Swing Me Again is a film that mixes healthy-looks and mature impression moderately.

Members of GARO-RED REQUIEM led by GARO stood out on the Green Carpet.

Bunraku, the popular Hollywood film starring Gackt along with Emily Kaiho and Shun Sugata.

Producer, Director and the members of Tokyo International Women's Film Festival which will open this year as well.

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Green Carpet Photo Gallery 2

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KEIRIN.JPThe 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
22nd Tokyo International Film Festival(2009)